Do It! is a prose poem singing the inside saga of the movement. ...

     It is a frenzied emotional symphony for a new social disorder; a     

     comic book for seven-year-olds; a tribute to insanity. (BACK COVER)

“This book,” the back cover blurb also boldly stated, “will become a Molotov cocktail in your very hands.” Indeed, Do It! lit a fuse against all of the tired old literary rules as young avant-gardist writer/editor James Retherford and famed McLuhanist art director Quentin Fiore (The Medium Is the Massage and War and Peace in the Global Village) sought to transcend linearity of the printed page and create a book that would jump off the page with the visual impact of the Six O'Clock News — with right-on clinched-fist salutes to El Lissitzky, the Marx Brothers (including Karl), Zap Comix, and Walter Cronkite.  

Babies are zen masters, curious
     about everyth
A dying culture destroys everthing it touches